Store Data Securely

Paper, e-mail, and Microsoft Excel are not secure for transmitting patient information. At Acesis, we understand that one of biggest hurdles when it comes to healthcare data, is keeping that data safe. We have taken tremendous care of our clients data by putting in multiple levels of security measures, to ensure that only the proper people, with the proper permissions, have access to highly sensitive organizational data. 

How we ensure data security:

  • Secure Access: All access is controlled with secure credentials.  Access can be granted or terminated by a system administrator.  Privileges and access to specific content are role-based.
  • Roll-base Access: Access to parts of the system can be granted or limited depending on the role of the individual user, as specified by the system administrator.
  • Cloud-based SaaS: The system is delivered as a secure Enterprise Cloud SaaS application (Software-as-a-Service) providing highly-secure data hosting capabilities and an operationally more cost-effective delivery of the application.
  • High Security SSL data Transmission: The system maintainscompliance with HITECH and the Technical Safeguards of the HIPAA Security Rule for all communications between the application and the web or standalone client.


  • High Security Data Center: Terremark, an Acesis partner, provides our Enterprise Cloud-based application from one of its top-tier data-centers, with disaster recovery solutions and system redundancy across geographically-diverse facilities.  The Enterprise Cloud provides a highly-secure foundation designed to help meet today’s critical compliance and certification requirements, including SAS-70 Type ll Audit, PCI-DSS and Safe Harbor.
  • Activity Auditing: The system provides detailed audit logs of all events involving cases and tasks.