Acesis Healthcare Process Optimization Platform

The Acesis Healthcare Process Optimization Platform (HPOP) is a cloud-based application development platform that was specifically designed for large healthcare organizations. Its primary purpose is to transform ad-hoc administrative healthcare tasks into defined, technology-supported processes.

Unlike other software providers, Acesis expects to modify our solutions to meet a customer’s precise needs. We created our proprietary HPOP platform with the flexibility to enable us to rapidly refine an application as needs evolve.


Data Capture

Dynamic forms can be tailored for specific purposes and different users. The forms can also adjust as users enter information to guide them through what is expected.


Transparency and Analytics

Data collected in any Acesis application is immediately available for reporting through a number of different analytical tools including built-in reports, drill-down capable dashboards, and an HPOP tool for enabling client access to all of their data. 



Acesis has engineered HPOP with robust interface technology that enables organizations to easily import third-party data into their Acesis applications. Imported data can be used to minimize data entry requirements, supply additional data for Acesis reports, trigger actions within Acesis applications, help manage role-based permissions, or help manage workflow. Acesis data can also be easily exported to an organization's data warehouse or a third-party statistical package.


Workflow Enforcement

Workflow enforcement enables staff members to focus on their tasks while the system manages process-related hand-offs. As a user indicates they have completed a task, the system notifies the next person of their responsibilities.  The system then sends reminders and generates reports to enforce accountability.



Acesis applications are designed to minimize the work required to complete a process. The system has features that make it easy to automatically generate and send letters, email notifications and reports. It can also automate follow-up actions if expected tasks are not completed.



Acesis has made enterprise security a priority. Our infrastructure meets the security standards of some of the largest health IT provider organizations in the country. The system also provides robust compartmentalization, which limits access to data to only those who require it.


Enterprise cloud-based technology

Because HPOP is a cloud-based enterprise platform, Acesis is able to deliver and host all of its solutions as secure cloud-based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications. This means that no hardware or software needs to be installed or configured at client sites. The SaaS approach has a number of well-recognized benefits including:

• Faster time-to-value than traditional software applications.

• Reduced upfront investment in IT server infrastructure.

• Higher service levels that are met through stringent service-level agreements (SLAs) including secure data center operations.

– World-class infrastructure. All Acesis applications are served from our partner Terramark’s top-tier data center, which offers disaster recovery and system redundancy across geographically-diverse facilities. This helps meet critical compliance and certification requirements including full SSAE 16 compliance, PCI-DSS and Safe Harbor.