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Multi-center Study Management

Comparative studies without the hassle

Acesis Multi-center Study Management streamlines the process of conducting comparative effectiveness studies across a dispersed network of participants. By providing centralized control over data collection, workflows, and reporting, Acesis ensures site coordinators can complete their assigned tasks flawlessly with much less training than would otherwise be required.

Throughout each study’s lifecycle, guided workflows remind users of their expected tasks and ensure everything adheres to established protocols:

  • In the enrollment phase, site coordinators are guided through the logic of screening eligible participants. This minimizes the risk of inappropriate subject enrollment and helps ensure that the study won’t be voided.
  • Once subjects are selected, Acesis randomizes them to different arms of the study.
  • Acesis supports the collection of patient outcomes at the required intervals and makes the information immediately available through built-in reports.

Managing change

Ideally, once a research study is set up, its structure and processes won’t change, but new unforeseen requirements are common. Having to manually convey and implement a change across a dispersed network of study participants can be onerous. Acesis solves the problem of change management with its flexible, cloud-based architecture. Any desired change can be quickly implemented in a centralized location and instantly propagated throughout the system.