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Custom Cloud Solutions

Creating the right solution for your organization

Acesis understands that many healthcare systems have unique organizational challenges and needs. For these customers, we can rapidly and cost-effectively customize a world-class cloud solution.

As part of the Acesis Agile Engagement process, our experts guide key stakeholders through a process of discovery that identifies how an Acesis solution could best meet their needs. Once it’s implemented, our experts actively engage with staff members to refine the solution as it’s being used. As a result of this unique approach, our custom solutions are guaranteed to achieve a client’s desired goals.  

Acesis is able to provide these benefits because of 4 key factors:



Our Healthcare Process Optimization Platform (HPOP) comes with pre-built capabilities designed specifically to address healthcare administrative functions. Customization often simply means reconfiguring prebuilt components.


The flexibility of our platform means that clients don’t have to be accountable for what they thought they wanted before the project began. We expect to enhance offerings beyond what is initially specified.


Acesis solutions are completely cloud based. No software needs to be installed on any client desktops or servers, and no software sits on-site. Pushing the solution into production takes less than half an hour.   


Acesis’ extensive healthcare experience means we are adept integrating our solutions with healthcare-specific systems such as electronic health records, human resources and incident reporting systems.


These factors also ensure minimal burden on your IT staff who won’t need to stretch taxed resources. Acesis staff can do virtually everything needed to adapt, implement and support your solution. Beyond the time required to expose data for potential system integrations, there is almost nothing a local IT department needs to do.

Existing Custom Solutions

CLIA Compliance
Manages the collection of information that is needed for CLIA compliance, gathered from clinical laboratories in large healthcare systems.

Patient Safety Huddles
Ensures patient safety huddles are done as required in large complex organizations.  Requiring a small amount of documentation gives leadership the peace of mind to know that patient safety huddles are being carried out consistently.  The data collected as part of using the system also enables staff to find others who have experienced similar problems.

Patient Termination
Guides staff through the steps deemed necessary for terminating a patient from a practice.

Environment of Care
Ensures consistent documentation for meeting environment of care (OSHA) requirements.