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360º Coaching and Feedback

Data-driven leadership training

Increasingly, high quality care depends on teams with physicians at the lead. Unfortunately, many lack the necessary “soft” skills related to communication, teamwork, and emotional intelligence.

Acesis 360° Coaching and Feedback offers the only automated coaching/feedback system for improving physician leadership that is scalable to large healthcare organizations. Using a proven set of survey questions, Acesis is able to pinpoint a physician’s behavioral challenges. The results are then provided to the physician in a set of standard, data-driven reports. Using these reports as a basis for discussion, clinical supervisors are able to coach their direct reports on how to overcome the identified problems.

To facilitate these discussions, Acesis physician coaches teach clinical supervisors how to provide feedback using the reports. This approach not only eliminates the cost of hiring professional coaches for each physician, it increases the managerial effectiveness of clinical supervisors. And by enabling physician coaching to become standard practice, Acesis helps staff members proactively address issues that may have been ignored for too long.

Creating cultural change

Physicians have proven very open to this non-punitive feedback. In fact, our approach is nearly 80% effective with physicians who are found to have leadership challenges (usually about 20% of those reviewed). And because this process reinforces organizational expectations, new clinicians are less likely to develop problem behaviors. As a result, Acesis helps nudge organizational culture to where it needs to be in terms of quality, patient/staff satisfaction and bottom line metrics.