Opioid Prescriber Feedback

     In collaboration with ABC, Acesis has developed a novel approach for training clinicians on best practices for prescribing of opioid medications. We use a train the trainer approach that provides addiction specialist mentoring and teaches primary care and specialist prescribes how to be a resource for other clinicians in his or her organization. Our technology uses data from the electronic health record to focus discussions on the areas that have the greatest opportunity for learning.

Major benefits

  • Improve the opioid prescribing practices of clinicians in your organization by using your pain specialists to educate other clinicians on desired practices.
  • Enhance the relationship of general clinicians with pain specialist so that there is clarify on which patients warrant a referral and comfort for reaching out with additional questions.
  • Create an expectation for the responsibility of a specialist for improving care for a population of patients rather than for just treating the patients seen in their practices.