Jürgen Failenschmid
Vice President, Engineering

Jürgen Failenschmid serves Acesis as the Vice President of Engineering and is an Acesis co-founder.

Jürgen brings three decades of software engineering and management experience, including leading several major products.

Prior to Acesis, Jürgen served in senior architect positions at a number of companies including NthOrbit (now Neohapsis), Tonbu, Wandel & Goltermann (now JDSU), Network Intelligence, and Hewlett Packard. 

As Chief Architect and Director of Software Engineering at Tonbu he led a large team in the development of the web-centric Tonbu Collaboration Platform. As Chief Architect at Wandel & Goltermann, he defined an architecture for the software division’s new products based on object-oriented, reusable frameworks, combining the strengths of Java, Smalltalk, and CORBA for integrated, distributed, and scalable applications.

In his dual role as Chief Architect and Vice President of Engineering at Network Intelligence, Jürgen designed and implemented significant parts of Contour, as well as leading and managing the company’s software development team. Prior to Network Intelligence, Jürgen was with Hewlett-Packard for thirteen years both in Germany and the U.S. in various positions as software developer, consultant, and project manager. He focused on applications of expert systems, user interface, and object technologies. He was a key contributor of core components of the Distributed Smalltalk product, the first full implementation of OMG’s Common Object Request Broker Architecture.

Jürgen holds a Dipl. Inf. degree (equivalent to M.S.) in computer science from the University of Stuttgart.