Since clients often want to import and export data, Acesis contains robust interface technology. At Acesis, we know isn't always desirable to only have one partner when reaching your healthcare goals. For that reason, we created The Acesis Nimble Platform (c), so that it easily integrates with other software or applications.

how we integrate:

  • Integration Framework: The system is able to import data that has been exported from various customer legacy systems.  Direct integration with legacy systems can also be provided. The integration framework employs a flexible data structure to more easily facilitate integration.
  • Aggregate Data Capture/Integration & Analysis: Aggregated benchmark data can be imported and compared against data captured within the Acesis system.

  • Attachments: Ability to attach any document to a case including but not limited to DOC, PDF, JPEG, GIF, CSV, TXT, XLS.

  • Data Upload Capability(Excel/CSV files): Content that exists in a structured format can be uploaded into the Acesis system. Uploads can be real-time, scheduled at regular intervals, or manually initiated.