Healthcare Administrative Workflow

     Healthcare administrative workflows are the documentations and hand-offs that are required by healthcare systems for ensuring organizations are being managed appropriately. Often these communications are by means of email or paper, and information is recorded in Microsoft Excel or Word documents.  These workflows are not the ones involved with the activities required for treating or billing particular patients.  Healthcare administrative workflows often relate to evaluating safety, quality, and compliance, and Acesis has a particularly long experience in the healthcare administrative workflows related to various types of peer review and chart review.  

     Without system support, administrative workflows tent to be chaotic, and those involved in the workflow often do not recognize the chaos.   Below is an example of very simple workflow in which person 1 wanted information from person 2.  When person 2 did not respond, person 2 asked for help from persons 3, 4, and 5 (all communication in the below diagram were via emails).  This set off a cascade of emails by many well-intentioned hard working people who were just wasting their time.


     The second diagram below shows all of the people who needed to be involved in the prior figure's process.   With the transparency and automation enabled by Acesis, there is no temptation to get more people involved, and there is greater confidence the process will be completed.