David Bock

David is a Managing Partner of Federal City Capital Advisors (FCCA), an advisory services firm based in Washington DC.

He is also an independent trustee of the Pioneer Funds, a director of New York Mortgage Trust (a publicly traded mortgage REIT) and a director of Enterprise Investments (a privately held investment company focused on affordable housing). David also serves as a director and senior advisor for Oxford Analytica, a political and economic advisory company based in Oxford, England.


David bock

From 2004-2007, David was the EVP and Chief Financial Officer of I-trax, Inc., a publicly traded provider of health care services to major multinational companies. He co-founded FCCA in the late 1990s to work on early stage and high growth companies, both as an advisor and as an executive of several different portfolio companies. Previously, he was a Managing Director of Lehman Brothers and an executive of the World Bank.

David began his professional career with McKinsey & Co. following completion of an advanced degree in economics from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar. He has extensive knowledge and experience in international political economy and finance, as well as in corporate strategy, organizational development, financial management and capital markets.