Data Capture


  • Customizable Terminology:  Any terminology/taxonomy/nomenclature can be easily added to the system and may be customized going forward.
  • Authoring Tool:  Users can dynamically design, create and customize processes and workflows to match their unique vision of the optimal process for achieving their goals. Because there is no need for significant IT involvement, processes can be quickly iterated and refined as needed. This saves the organization time and money, as well as provides Quality leaders the ability to reach Quality Improvement results more quickly.
  • Dynamic Forms: Intuitive, flexible, and easy-to-use screens with simple workflow and navigation include data capture screens created through structured customer-authored documents based on terminology-driven fields.
  • Dynamic Document Model: All fields are tied to an underlying customizable terminology. Fields that appear on any document can be customized without requiring IT support or vendor involvement. Each task can have customizable workflow allowing for flexible user assignment and completion tracking. 
  • Rapid-Cycle Process Improvement: The authoring tool provides the flexibility to dynamically design, make changes and iterate process workflows without involving the IT department or the vendor, thereby enabling rapid-cycle process improvement.