Peer / Chart Reviews

Peer review transformed

With Acesis, healthcare organizations can be confident that peer review is being done consistently and effectively across the organization. Acesis transforms ad-hoc peer review requirements into streamlined processes that save staff time by automating manual tasks. In addition, documentation, workflows and analyses are fully traceable, making all peer review activities auditable. 

Flexibility + usability = adoption

Acesis Peer Review maximizes efficiency without compromising usability. Forms automatically guide users through what is expected of them, and workflows can be rapidly modified to accommodate local culture and processes. Unparalleled flexibility and usability are keys to minimizing training requirements and achieving 100% stakeholder adoption.

Continuous learning and improvement

In most organizations, much of the knowledge collected as part of doing peer review is trapped in meeting minutes or other ad-hoc documentation. In contrast, information collected by Acesis is immediately incorporated into the system to improve understanding of organizational patterns and trends. Local problems can be understood in the context of the larger organization, and leadership can prioritize corrective actions accordingly.

Acesis Responsive Agile Engagement

Acesis provides an exceptional out-of-the-box Peer Review solution. However, as a standard part of delivery, our experts actively engage with clients to manage rollout and ongoing enhancements to the system. Acesis’ flexible technology and our Agile Engagement process enable us to rapidly refine the application based on feedback from staff members. This helps ensure key stakeholder involvement throughout implementation and promotes ongoing improvement of the system.