What is Acesis?

Acesis is a web-based platform for overseeing healthcare quality improvement and compliance documentation, workflow, and analytics. It helps manage a number of different administrative processes that are currently ad-hoc (managed in emails and Excel spreadsheets). Acesis has developed a proprietary software platform that allows it to very cost-effectively deliver results, and the system is uniquely flexible so Acesis is able to encourage customers to customize applications to meet their special needs.

Why use Acesis?

Even as reporting requirements are increasing, financial constraints are preventing the hiring of additional staff to handle them. Healthcare organizations need information technology such as Acesis to intelligently leverage their existing staff to implement changes.

Also, healthcare organizations are growing. As they grow, they need systems to ensure defined organizational standards are followed. Acesis provides a platform where users can be guided to comply with desired policies and procedures.

In order to be managed intelligently, healthcare organizations need more information, much of which is not found in EMRs. Too much valuable information gets lost in emails, Excel spreadsheets, or worse, filing cabinets. Acesis manages this information to enable organizations to learn key insights.