The support services summarized in the table below are included at no additional charge in the license to use the Acesis Performance Improvement Platform.

Designated support contacts

Designated support contacts both for Acesis and Customer

Support via telephone and email

Customer may use whichever type of contact is most convenient

Issue classification

Customer and Acesis collaborate to classify issue as Priority 1 (P1), P2, P3 or P4. Detailed definitions are provided in support policy document.

Service Level Agreements

Best of breed response times and resolution efforts based upon issue priority.

Issue creation

Issues are promptly created in Acesis’s issue tracking system upon receipt of issue description from Customer.

Issue monitoring

P1 and P2 issues are urgent and are monitored continually. P3 issues are monitored on a daily basis. P4 issues are monitored according to Acesis’s software release schedule.

Escalation procedures

Well-defined issue escalation paths. Escalation times are rapid for P1 and P2 issues.

Product updates

Version containing error corrections, bug fixes and functionality enhancements. Included in Acesis Support Services.

Product upgrades

Version containing major functional enhancements, modifications and extensions. Included in Acesis Support Services.