Course Descriptions

Acesis offers several types of training services. Training services are provided in an instructor-led format over the Internet or on-site at the Customer’s location.

Course descriptions are provided in the table below.

Standard Edition Acesis Tutorial Workshop

– All aspects of case review are covered: creating cases, entering background on cases, adding and assigning tasks, accepting and completing task assignments, viewing and managing lists of tasks, attaching and viewing PDF documents, viewing lists of audit events, searching for cases, case numbering conventions, maintaining user profiles and preferences, and more. 

– Abbreviated forms are used so that emphasis is on learning usage versus spending time on data entry.

– Attendees use a “sandbox” environment to explore and experiment without impact to the customer environment.

Professional Edition Acesis Tutorial Workshop

Includes all of the Standard Edition Acesis Tutorial Workshop, plus:

– Term conventions and options
– Workflow conventions and options
– Advanced search techniques
– Advanced preferences
– Analyses and reports
– Projects
– Dashboards
– And more. 

Application Administration Workshop

– Managing templates
– Password policies
– Setting up large numbers of patients, providers and users
– Email templates
– Managing Rights Management for attached documents
– Setting up projects
– Dashboard configuration
– And more.

Template Authoring Workshop

– Walkthough of template authoring environment
– Terms
– Indications
– Comments
– Choice lists
– Numeric terms
– Constructing templates
– Best practices in template construction
– Workflow
– Best practices in workflow construction