Choose or Customize

Choosing an Application

Acesis has a number of proven applications that leverage its platform. As with all Acesis products, all applications (even ones newly developed for a specific client) can be tried before purchasing, and the monthly subscription never requires a long-term commitment. Acesis encourages customers to customize applications to their workflow, and Acesis generally implements newly requested customizations within 2 business days.

Examples of Acesis’s most established products include Peer Review, Patient Complaints Follow-up, 360 Physician Review Surveys, and Patient Safety Huddle support.

New customizable applications

All Acesis products began as new custom applications that were built for clients. The platform is uniquely designed for rapid cost-effective development of applications specific to healthcare. Acesis will develop a working prototype early in the sales process, so potential clients can see their application functioning before any need for contractual commitments. After the customer sees how the product works, they can transition through a series of rapid cycle refinements to perfect the application to their needs. Customers have been so pleased and surprised with this process that even on new custom applications, Acesis does not require long-term contracts.

A suite of products

Of course, Acesis is happy to support a customer who only wants one of Acesis’s core products, but for those customers who use multiple Acesis products, there are added benefits derived from the efficiency of being on a shared platform. This is particularly true for organizations in which the same people participate on various projects.