Core Technology

The Adobe® Flash® Platform is an integrated set of application programming technologies and is the leading solution for delivering rich Internet applications.
Adobe LiveCycle DS
Adobe® LiveCycle® Data Services ES2
LiveCycle Data Services is a high performance, scalable, and flexible framework that includes functionality for messaging, remoting, data management, and PDF creation of RIA interfaces.
Adobe LiveCycle
Adobe® LiveCycle® Rights Management ES2
LiveCycle Rights Management is an enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) product that provides data centric security with user access and control policies to various types of data including PDF.
IBM® DB2® 9.7 with pureXML™
DB2 is a high performance, enterprise-class relational database management system that includes sophisticated XML data management capabilities that are deeply integrated in the database kernel. DB2 pureXML stores and indexes XML alongside relational data in a highly efficient new storage format and supports XML query languages such as XPath and XQuery alongside the traditional SQL.
Hibernate is an object-relational mapping (ORM) library for the Java language, providing a framework for mapping an object-oriented domain model to a traditional relational database.
Java is an object-oriented programming language that is widely used on the Web for server processing. It implements a strong security model, which prevents compiled Java programs from illicitly accessing resources on the system where they execute.
JBoss is an open source Java application server that supports the J2EE 1.3 , including JNDI, Servlet/JSP, EJB, JTS/JTA, JCA, JMS. It also supports Clustering (JavaGroups), Web Services (Axis), and IIOP integration (JacORB).
Spring is a lightweight Java/J2EE application framework that includes powerful JavaBeans-based configuration management applying Inversion-of-Control principles, a generic abstraction layer for transaction management allowing for pluggable transaction managers, a JDBC abstraction layer, integration with Hibernate, JDO, Apache OJB, and iBATIS SQL Maps, and AOP functionality.
Terremark Worldwide is a leading global provider of IT infrastructure services delivered on the industry’s most robust and advanced technology platform. Leveraging data centers in the United States, Europe and Latin America with access to massive and diverse network connectivity, Terremark delivers government and enterprise customers a comprehensive suite of managed solutions including managed hosting, colocation, disaster recovery, security, data storage and cloud computing services. Terremark’s Enterprise Cloud computing architecture delivers the agility, scale and economic benefits of cloud computing to mission-critical enterprise and Web 2.0 applications and its DigitalOps® service platform combines end-to-end systems management workflow with a comprehensive customer portal.