Incident Reporting

At this point, almost every hospital has an automated event reporting system that provides real-time reporting to the Patient Care Manager and Risk Manager. Yet after the fact when improvements need to be made, we see inconsistent follow up – tracked by hand, in Excel, or Access databases, to name a few.

Acesis provides an always-accessible, cloud-based platform to ensure your events receive timely attention with prompt follow-up. Staff can easily track, analyze, and report on event-related data.

Here are some of the unique benefits of using Acesis for tracking incident/event reporting data:

  • Intelligent routing and workflow of events, based on your real-world needs.
  • Use classifications with which you and your hospital staff are already familiar.
  • Involved parties can see the status/details of any case, when appropriate.
  • Track cases to completion, making sure that recommendations and follow-up actions are completed.