Healthcare Focus

Acesis serves only the healthcare industry. We believe this focus is important since healthcare is different from all other industries. Acesis understands the financial, technical, regulatory, and moral pressures of those working in healthcare.

We also appreciate that many of the people using our applications are not employees in the traditional sense. They are practicing clinicians with a primary focus on patient care. Our applications must therefore be intuitive and as easy to use as possible.

In addition, we see the consolidation pressures changing the dynamics within healthcare. Growing organizations need to learn how to manage newly acquired practices that are often spread over broad geographical regions.  Acesis can help ensure the maintenance of standards as organizations grow.

Finally, healthcare is being placed under a microscope as new regulations and rules require providers to publically report outcomes.  Acesis is used by customers to ensure quality improvement and compliance processes are consistently followed.

Acesis is attempting to meet all of these needs by giving organizations a user-friendly flexible system that converts some of their most important ad-hoc processes into consistent organizational standards.